August 25, 2017
10 months and 25 days since
our Reunion.

Our 45-Year Reunion was a huge success!

Thanks to all that came to the Reunion! We had a great turnout - more than expected!  I want to take this opportunity to show our great appreciation and gratitude to those that made this event possible! Teresa Farley Bally and Butchart Flowers for the centerpieces. Thanks to Hy-Vee and Mike Pence for catering a great meal on Saturday, and to Jacob who single-handedly set up our Saturday feast. (Rumor is he also cooked most of it!) Thanks to Jack Frost, Jeff Lux and the other members of Friends for some great entertainment. They were awesome! Also to Jaylon Sybert who provided some great appetizers on Friday. To Warren Ingram, and his wife and son for taking and distributing a great Group Photo! To Lanham Music for providing equipment for our background music, and Appliance Rental for the TV. To all those that made a donation to our class fund, which will also help us make future reunions possible! And, last but not least, to The Reunion Committee for all their hard work and preparation in planning this event. Cyndi - thanks for letting us have meetings at your home! You are the most gracious hostess. Dan Pearson - thanks for re-printing the Central Outlooks for all to enjoy.  Connie - thanks for taking care of registration  a huge help!  Cathy - thanks so much for helping with name badges.  Thank you again, everyone!

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